About Us

Providing children with safe and secure environments in which they can be active, have fun and try new sports!


Get Active and Get Educated!

We aim to provide children with safe and secure environments in which they can be active, have fun and try new sports. Playing sport and being physical activity are necessities and not luxuries; we aim to ensure every child has the knowledge to be able to meet the government guidelines of 60 minutes of exercise per day. We also aim to be fully inclusive, by creating engaging and exciting sessions that all can participate in!

Why We Began

A main issue founder Hannah came across in schools, was the lack of good P.E. provision, that many agencies were providing coaches who struggled to adapt to the teacher role necessary in P.E. lesson environments. Physical Education is about educating children on the benefits of sport and exercise; and finding solutions on how to help them keep active outside the classrooms. All our coaches are trained in pedagogical approaches and teaching styles, to support a better learning environment. Often, we see sport specific coaches who struggle to engage children who are not intrinsically motivated towards sports, or struggle to support children with learning needs. We believe in all our settings, teaching skills are just as useful as coaching skills; unless children are being trained in a sport to a high standard it is much more beneficial to a child to have a coach who is trained to differentiate and use a wide range of pedagogical approaches.

What Sports We Provide

Our sport can vary dependent on the weather or venue however please look below for the range of sports we offer on camp:

Karate, Rugby, Football, Basketball, Athletics, Gymnastics, Cricket, Rounders, Orienteering, Team games, Tennis, Badminton, Dance, Handball, Dodgeball, Hockey.

Please be aware sports are subject to change dependant on location and weather.



How We Choose Coaches

Our coaches are chosen based on their qualifications, experience and passion. We ensure all our coaches are fully DBS checked with a strong history of working with children in a sport specific environment.

Our coaches

All our coaches are chosen based on their passion and experience in sports and child skill development; we don’t just choose our coaches because they excel at a particular sport, we prefer coaches who have the patience and depth of knowledge to develop every child no matter their ability or confidence level.

We have specialists in: Karate, Rugby, Netball, Badminton, Basketball and Sport and Health Education.