About Us

Established in 2017, Apollo sports has moved from strength to strength in providing children with opportunities to get active. We deliver inclusive sports camps, in which all children can participate in a variety of sports and activities. Alongside this our amazing coaches deliver P.E. provision in primary schools following our internally developed Schemes of Works inline with the national curriculum.


Due to the Covid-19 situation, all our holiday camps are suspended until further notice. Please feel free to still contact us for future camps and PE provision as we are still available via email and phone.


Get Active and Get Educated!

We aim to provide children with safe and secure environments in which they can be active, have fun and try new sports. Playing sport and being physical activity are necessities and not luxuries; we aim to ensure every child has the knowledge to be able to meet the government guidelines of 60 minutes of exercise per day. We also aim to be fully inclusive, by creating engaging and exciting sessions that all can participate in!

Primary P.E. provision

When Apollo Sports began, it had an aim to be able to deliver a higher standard of primary P.E. provision than other companies. To do this, we have utilised Qualified P.E. teachers from secondary schools to plan and design Schemes of Work inline with the primary national curriculum and to support children reaching the skill levels need to access secondary P.E.

Graham Ainsworth, PGCE P.E. MSC Psychology, designed all our in-house Schemes of Work to support all children in accessing P.E. and to support children to lead healthy and active lifestyles, not only at school, but outside the classroom and in their future. He has also designed our progress tracker to ensure all children are progressing during our P.E. sessions and we are highlighting areas children need to improve in. 

What our coaches deliver

Our coaches deliver all sports needed for pupils to gain the skills need for Secondary school. We also build skills at KS1 using creative movement games and stories, this is to engage students and for them to development fundamental movement skills before moving on to sport specific skills. At KS2 all children get the opportunity to develop in a range of sports inline with the curriculum.



How We Choose Coaches

Our coaches are chosen based on their qualifications, experience and passion. We ensure all our coaches are fully DBS checked with a strong history of working with children in a sport specific environment.

Our camps

When Apollo Sports began, it had an aim to be able to deliver a higher standard of sports camps to ensure children had a place to be active and safe during the school holidays.

Hannah Smee, PGCE Science BA Secondary Ed and Sport, designed all our on camp policies, safeguard training and timetables. All our policies are strictly adhered to, this is to ensure you know your children are safe and secure with us. Our timetables are designed to incorporate a variety of sports and activities for all children to enjoy, these are fully inclusive and the sessions are planned specifically with every child in mind, 

We currently have camps in Bury and Rochdale, with the intention to expand.


Our coaches

All our coaches are chosen based on their passion and experience in sports and child skill development; we don’t just choose our coaches because they excel at a particular sport, we prefer coaches who have the patience and depth of knowledge to develop every child no matter their ability or confidence level.

We have specialists in: Karate, Rugby, Netball, Badminton, Basketball and Sport and Health Education.