P.E. provision and coaching

Due to the Covid-19 situation, all our holiday camps are suspended until further notice. Please feel free to still contact us for future camps and PE provision as we are still available via email and phone.

Our P.E. provision

Designed by qualified teachers and delivered by expert coaches, our P.E. provision programme is the most efficient and effective P.E. delivery programme in the UK. Trackers are used to evidence progression and all our coaches are in house trained by expert teachers in P.E. and Education.

Why utilise our coaches? 

Our coaches are trained to use different pedagogical approaches and teaching techniques to ensure every individual achieves within our sessions. We use differentiation as our basis to include every child, and we strongly believe in promoting a wide range of activities not just the traditional highly competitive invasion games. This is because one of our core values is to increase the amount of children participating in sport; which we believe can only be achieved by allowing children to find an activity they enjoy! 

Why we began?

When Apollo Sports began, it had an aim to be able to deliver a higher standard of primary P.E. provision than other companies. To do this, we have utilised Qualified P.E. teachers from secondary schools to plan and design Schemes of Work inline with the primary national curriculum and to support children reaching the skill levels need to access secondary P.E.

Our Programme design

Graham Ainsworth, PGCE P.E. MSC Psychology, designed all our in-house Schemes of Work to support all children in accessing P.E. and to support children to lead healthy and active lifestyles, not only at school, but outside the classroom and in their future. He has also designed our progress tracker to ensure all children are progressing during our P.E. sessions and we are highlighting areas children need to improve in. 


What We Offer

P.E. provision

We provide P.E. specialists to deliver the P.E. curriculum inline with our KS1 and KS2 P.E. programme. These P.E. specialists are employed with us and undergo CPD, in-house safeguard training and follow our methods and pedagogical approaches.

Extra curricular coaches

For extra-curricular or outside of school sessions, we provide sport specific coaches to have the ability to train children to a high ability in specific sports. These coaches can be utilised for after schools clubs, lunch time clubs or before school clubs. They can organise competitions and lead competitions. 

CPD training

Schools often can struggle with delivering P.E. and it’s not always financial feasible to hire an external P.E. provider. We offer CPD training for primary schools, to be enable you to deliver P.E. in your school, and have this training funded by the sport premium.

We pride ourselves on being extremely inclusive and have excellent experience in adapting sessions for SEND children.