Coaching Services

Created to support the lack of children participating in sport, Apollo Sports Coaching provides a wide range of sports for schools and clubs to utilise through our experienced coaches.

Our coaches are trained to use different pedagogical approaches and teaching techniques to ensure every individual achieves within our sessions. We use differentiation as our basis to include every child, and we strongly believe in promoting a wide range of activities not just the traditional highly competitive invasion games. This is because one of our core values is to increase the amount of children participating in sport; which we believe can only be achieved by allowing children to find an activity they enjoy!

What We Offer

P.E. Cover

All of our P.E. covers are physical education orientated rather than coach orientated; they understand the aims of the national curriculum and how to ensure inclusion within sessions.

Sport Specific Coaches

For extra-curricular or outside of school sessions, we provide sport specific coaches to have the ability to train children to a high ability in specific sports.

Multi-Sports Coaches

For active sessions, extra-curricular or outside of school sessions, we provide multi-sports coaches who have the ability to deliver a wide range of sports to children, developing both sporting skill and wider personal skills. These coaches have a passion for helping children discover sports they enjoy and helping children understand the importance of keeping active.

We pride ourselves on being extremely inclusive and have excellent experience in adapting sessions for SEND children.