So why send your child to a sports camps?

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The majority of the year, children from age 4, will spend time in school. However, studies have shown that childrens fitness and health declines over certain periods of the year. During the school holidays studies show children increase in weight and lose physical fitness, all those sedentary habits are magnified in the holidays, rather than children spending an hour or two on the Xbox they are spending all day!

Our camps are in place to prevent sedentary time increasing. If we look back at all the health benefits being physically active can bring to children and then think about the decrease in mental, physical and cognitive ability that would happen as a result of a sedentary holiday, then it is vital we keep children active during the holidays!

Our camps provide a safe and secure environment for children age 4-14 to stay active, make friends and get educated about the importance of health. We provide them with the opportunity to sample a variety of sport, in which they can then choose to carry on with in term time if they want or if they don’t they’ve increased their stamina, had fun and kept healthy with us during the holidays. Not only do we provide a variety of sports, we play fun activities which make exercise exciting and aim to make sure those who don’t think they enjoy exercise go away loving keeping active.

Our camps not only provide an environment for activity but also for a wider range of skill development, such as teamwork, leadership and friend making. Studies show that children who play a team sport have increased confidence, self-esteem and decision-making skills, not only are children getting active they are also developing wider skills to transfer into real life. What a way for children to spend their free time over the holidays?!


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