Why should we get our children more active?

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Children who are physically active and meet the government recommendations of 60 minutes of physical activity per day, reap a plethora of benefits. We know that being physically active keeps children at a healthy weight, increases their stamina and increases their physical skill development.

However, what most people haven’t been told is how physically active children have shown increased cognitive ability! Studies actually show us that children who are more physically active have a higher ability to learn and a have greater attention span! So by providing your child with the opportunity to be active you are also giving them a greater chance at academic success…seems a no brainer right?

Studies also show us that children who are more physically active and maintain a healthy weight are more likely to be a healthy weight into adulthood…and that the early years are the best time to implement good healthy habits. The older you get the harder it is to change bad habits into healthy habits. Now we aren’t saying it’s impossible (we don’t believe in that word here at Apollo) to change bad habits; what we are saying is, lets help make children’s lives easier in the future, by providing them with the opportunity to create healthy active habits for life now!

We all know the benefits of getting outdoors, maybe we don’t know why, but we’ve all had a stressful day at some time and found clearing our heads outside on a walk makes us feel good! Well that’s because being physically active actually helps improve mental health! Doctors will always suggest getting more exercise if you report symptoms of depression or anxiety as a way of managing symptoms, this is because exercise releases feel good hormones inside us. Mental health issues have increased in the UK over the years, at the same time as our physical activity has decreased…coincidence? Well studies would say definitely not! Ensuring your child gets their 60 minutes of physical activity a day is a great way to increase good mental health!

In conclusion supporting your child to get 60 minutes of physical activity a day increases physical health, mental health and even cognitive ability! Not to mention it allows children the opportunity to develop team work, confidence and friendship making skills if the play a sport!


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